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When it comes to your final arrangements, shouldn't you make the decisions?  The arrangements you make will reflect your exact wishes and desires.  Pre-arranging your own service will help to ease the burden of your loved ones.  It will also alleviate any questions, problems or differences, which can occur among family members.

Pre-payment will protect you from the rising cost of prices, and it will not be a financial burden on your loved ones. When you plan ahead you know that your wishes will be fulfilled.

Arrangements can be made in the comfort of your own home by clicking the button below.  Fill in as much as you are comfortable with and we'd be pleased to meet with you to discuss further.  See the form below for details.

Illinois Consumer Guide to Pre-Need Funeral and Burial Purchases

The "Illinois Funeral or Burial Funds Act" (225 ILCS 45/1) sets forth rights protecting consumers who purchase funeral services and/or merchandise in advance of need (pre-need). The State Comptroller has jurisdiction over the administration and enforcement of this law.

This guide is intended to assist you in making decisions in connection with the purchase of funeral services and merchandise — pre-need — and to advise you of your rights and protections under Illinois law.

What is "Pre-Need" Funeral or Burial Purchasing?

A pre-need funeral or burial purchase is purchasing, in advance, funeral services and merchandise that you select for yourself or loved ones. In connection with the purchase of pre-need services and merchandise, you enter into a pre-need contract with the seller, funeral home or cemetery.

What are Some of the Protections Provided to You by Illinois Law?

Sellers of pre-need services and/or merchandise must be licensed by the State of Illinois through the Office of the Comptroller. You should verify that the person with whom you are doing business is licensed to sell pre-need services and merchandise before you make the purchase. You may contact the Comptroller's Office to verify whether a seller is licensed.

What Services and Merchandise are Covered by the Funeral or Burial Funds Act?

The law covers the purchase of funeral services, clothing, caskets, and burial containers commonly referred to as burial vaults and urns. Sales of cemetery services and merchandise are not covered by the law. The purchase of cemetery services and merchandise may be covered by the Illinois Pre-Need Cemetery Sales Act and Cemetery Care Act. Those laws are also administered by the Comptroller. If you have any questions concerning those laws, you should contact the Comptroller's Office.

Be Sure to Read Your Contract

All pre-need contracts sold in Illinois must contain disclosures to assist consumers in their purchase of pre-need services and merchandise. Required disclosures include: a clear identification of the seller's name and address, the purchaser and the beneficiary; a complete description of the goods and/or services purchased; clear notice as to whether the contract is for a guaranteed or non-guaranteed price; how you will pay for the services and/or merchandise (i.e., trust account, life insurance policy or annuity); and the cancellation and penalty policy of the seller.

What are Guaranteed and Non-Guaranteed Contracts?

A "Guaranteed" Contract means that the cemetery or funeral home guarantees to provide you with the services and/or merchandise you selected for the amount of money stated in the contract. This means that you or your estate will not be required to pay any additional costs for the items guaranteed, except for unexpected charges incurred (which may include, for example, the need for shipment of remains from a distance).

If the contract does not guarantee the prices charged it must be clearly identified as a "Non-Guaranteed Contract." The amount you pay will be determined at the time the services and/or the merchandise are needed. Any amount you pay pre-need will be considered a deposit to be used toward the purchase price, which will earn interest.

For more information or to submit complaints contact the Comptroller’s Cemetery Care consumer hotline: 1-877-203-3401 (toll free)

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